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Wednesday evening folk dancing at Holloway
A Wednesday evening at Holloway

A complete list of dates is given on the Calendar page.

Wednesday evenings

Our regular club evenings are held fortnightly in Holloway.  We meet, from 7.30 to 10.00 pm, on the 2nd, 4th and (if there is one) 5th Wednesdays in each month.  In August we meet on the last Wednesday only.  In December we sometimes meet on the 3rd instead of the 4th Wednesday depending on where Christmas is in the week.

We are fortunate that around six of our members regularly call.  Each takes a turn at calling for one evening, or part of an evening, and occasionally a guest caller from another club.  Each dance is explained and walked through, and then danced with the caller still giving instructions.  We use recorded music from CD's, but occasionally have a band, for example if someone has a special birthday, and also often on the 5th Wedensday of the month (that is usually once evry three months).

There is a short interval halfway, with tea and coffee available.

End of season charity Wednesday evening

We have just a very short Summer break in August.  So the last Wednesday in July we hold an end of season party.  This is similar to a normal Wednesday evening, but we have live music from a band, and a selection of several callers from the club.  There is a bring and share supper, so we ask you to bring a little contribution of food.  There is no admission charge.  But we do make a collection for a local charity, to which you are invited to contribute.

    2011    £165    Derbyshire Red Cross
    2012    £250    Macular Disease Society, relevant to one of our members
    2013    £300    Air Ambulance
    2014    £200    Mountain Rescue
    2015    £300    Derby Hospital Cancer Unit, in memory of Pat Roadhouse, a long serving member of our Club who died of cancer earlier in the year on Good Friday, after being cared for at this unit; to be used towards the costs of training a counsellor (which Pat herself had previously helped with)
    2016    £300    British Heart Foundation, in memory of Syd Wilks and Syd Barber, two more well established members who died in 2015
    2017    £250    Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre at Skegness
    2018    £200    Alzheimer's Research

Saturday dances

We have held dances on two Saturday evenings each year, from 7.30 to 10.45 pm:

Dates can vary by a week or two some years.

For these dances, we have a band to provide live music, and a well known experienced caller from outside the club.

Otherwise, the format is similar to Wednesday evenings insofar as dances are still walked through first and then called (as far as is necessary) while they are danced.

The February dance is at the same venue in Holloway, a larger hall in Darley Abbey is used for the May dance.

There is no prebooking for the February dance - just turn up.  For the May dance we usually sell tickets in advance, which may be cheaper than buying on the door; you can normally still come unbooked, but we suggest phoning to check that tickets are still available.  Details are on the Calendar page for each event.

Light refreshments (tea/coffee and cake) are provided.

These dances are open for anyone to attend.  However, if you are new to Folk Dancing, it is recommended that you try a Wednesday evening for your first visit.

Playford Ball

This is our big event of the year, a formal costume ball, held in late October.  See the Playford Ball page for details.

New Year

We also hold an informal evening between Christmas and New Year, on either a Wednesday or a Saturday, and which we call our Not the New Year or Nearly New Year Dance.  This is similar to a normal Wednesday evening, using CDs for music, and a selection of several callers from the club.  There is a bring and share supper, so we ask you to bring a little contribution of food.  It is a free evening, there is no admission charge.